11 times how wear white sneakers !

Look around the city and you will notice that white kicks are having a big fashion moment. They’ve made their way from the playing field to the fashion catwalk and now on to the street. The key is to style sneakers in a modern way; you do not want to look like an American tourist. Many of the fashion It-girls and guys have been drawn to the trend of wearing comfy sneakers with almost anything. Think of the white sneaker as a blank canvas, which you can create thousands of variations with. Here is your on-trend guide to fashionably rocking white kicks.

1. Simple and effortless

We love a good white sneaker. These ladies have worn the athletic shoe with a pair of dark jeans and a simple fuss free top for a perfectly stylish, cool-girl touch. The guys can rock the exact same look. Just pair them with skinny jeans and a t-shirt or a short sleved button down and the look is effortlessly cool, edgy and complete.


2. Pair with Boyfriend Jeans (yes, it's a thing!)

The classic way to pair your white trainers is with loosely fit Boyfriend Jeans and a comfortable white tee. This is the ideal way to rock a classic down to earth casual outfit, that can be worn day in and day out. Supermodels Gigi Hadid and Kendal Jenner have made this look their uniform and are often spotted in it.


3. The trendy trench

Pair your sneakers with a loose top, distressed denim and a light trench to pull the look together. The river Thames is optional.


4. All black 

There is something so chic about an outfit that’s all black. The simplicity and elegance are unparalleled. The white sneakers are the stars of the show and stand out in an outfit so cool and edgy. If you’re new to the trend, take cue from these fashionable people, who treat the shoe as a white and bright foundation for a safe and neutral outfit.


5. Cool culotte

Elevate your sneakers by pairing them with a sophisticated pair of cropped culottes. Wearing kicks with dressy outfits has never been cooler than right now.


6. Basically distressed

Keep things simple, yet cool and edgy with a pair of distressed skinny jeans and a basic white top. Adding the bright white shoes gives even the most simple outfit style and consideration.


7. White on white:

You can never go wrong with white clothes and white sneakers. It creates an illusion of longer legs and looks totally stylish and on trend. Break up the white with some colour on top and things will look nicely put together.


8. Office ready

Nowadays, many office cultures allow for a more casual look, but that doesn’t mean you come into work in your pyjamas. To pull off sneakers at work, dress it up with a blazer or a button down shirt.  


9. Dress for success

A big movement right now is pairing your sneakers with a dress. Whether that dress is mini, midi or maxi, the sneakers add an instant touch of cool.


10. The mini

Perfect the off-duty supermodel look, by wearing your sneakers with a mini and top. The sneakers really bring the look down to earth and add an effortless feel to the outfit.


11. Denim on denim

We love twice as much denim in an outfit. The trend has totally taken off lately, with tonnes of celebrities gracing the front covers of magazines in double denim. Here’s a tip, when the denim is a lighter shade, it will draw attention to the body part that it is covering, while the darker shade tends to slim you, so the best option for most ladies would be to pair a light wash denim top with a darker pair of jeans for the most flattering look, while men can do the opposite by having the lighter denim on the bottom and the darker one on the top.


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